There is one single truth, and it is, that there are absolutely no truths. What in turn seems to be true is that life in its entirety is a unique and masterful work of art. One can assume that this life is unique, because there is no possibility to repeat it. Sometimes we take our life situations for granted and do not realise what efforts mankind has needed to make, to bring us to this standard.

Using our inventiveness and the technology we developed with that inventiveness, we create ever more attractive solutions, with which to improve our lives. Thanks to our imagination we design, shape and decorate rooms to make ourselves feel comfortable and to find our own identification in this world. These spaces in turn stimulate us to think and influence the development of our future. Architecture, design and art are disciplines which make an important contribution to the human project. These areas stimulate our thoughts and lead us increasingly to newer insights about the world and ourselves. There should be no boundaries at this event, especially when the developed artworks evoke emotions and move us in some way internally. They help us to master and to understand nature, technology, and the history of mankind and its needs and, thus, all of life.