Art, design and architecture support our society to a more comfortable life. What would, for example, our state be without the valuable billion revenue from sales of art: art business has become an obvious, important part of our social structure, especially in terms of financial aspects. History shows that art and the prosperity of society are in a symbiosis: creating art in a poor state is a much more difficult task than creating it in richer states. This is because sometimes the necessary funds are missing, but also often, unfortunately, because in these countries mental development is not encouraged. Taking into consideration the time of renaissance for example - one realizes quickly that Da Vinci or Buonarroti would not have been able to realize their pieces of art without opulent papacy or rich family dynasties even when art at that time essentially had a function other than today.

Business and the Arts: Arts embellishes and enriches life, but is also an investment.

In a world where nothing is constant and everything happens at an ever-accelerating pace, we are looking for forms and ideas, which are timeless, perhaps to become immortal ourselves, perhaps to remember ourselves in another life. This search serves both to rediscover ourselves as well as to create constant values and memories in life. This happens even if we understand life to be a dream. We strive to realise habitation and life dreams, which combine the beauty of the dream with the aesthetics of reality. In this dream, we would like to involve you as an interested party and we want to invest in you. How does that work? While you believe in us and become part of us - likewise we believe in you and see ourselves as a part of you. People need people to become who and how they are.